Meet  our  team!

Our Teammate Spotlight series invites you to meet the people behind Apria. Get to know more about the people who care about your health - their personal interests, hobbies, and about their time here at Apria!

  • Laura Hendryx

    Market Sales Trainer,  Wound Nurse

  • Mary Rehlinger

    General Manager 2

  • Erika Bordner

    Revenue Support Trainer

  • Katie Phillips

    Customer Quality Specialist

  • Crystal Marie Miller

    Billing Center Quality Senior Specialist

  • Arshdeep Kandhola

    Market Clinical Trainer

  • Brianna Rhea

    Branch Coordinator

  • Ciera Bolton

    Patient Account Resolution Specialist

  • Gabrielle Kolesnikov

    Customer Relationship Liaison

  • Shelley Cobian

    Senior Recruiter

  • Jeannine deLivron

    Director of Strategic Relations

  • Wajmah Ashrati

    Senior Director, IT Applications

  • Darlene Rossetti

    Customer Inquiry Representative

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