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Teammate Spotlight: Meet Arshdeep!

Arshdeep Kandhola is relatively new here at Apria and she's already making waves. Arshdeep works as a Market Clinical Trainer in the California Bay Area and California East divisions and she took some time to write about her passions, her job and what she enjoys about her time so far at Apria:

What made you join Apria and what has driven you to stay?

I joined Apria to help reach a larger base of clinicians in order to promote knowledge, patient advocacy, and safety.

I truly enjoy the growth this position has brought me, as well as the growth I have brought this position. Market Clinical Trainer is a new position to the company, so being able to make it my own and explore what I can do for the market has been enriching.

I am proud to work at Apria, especially during this exciting time of change, because I can feel the dedication to patient care when I walk into the branches I work with.

If you had to describe your job to someone who doesn't work at Apria, how would you do so?

I am a clinical educator and manager who ensures we are providing the best patient care that we possibly can.

What are three things you like to do in your free time?

I like to spend my free time hanging out with my 2 dogs by the koi pond, spending time with my family, and taking hot vinyasa flow yoga classes.

What is your dream vacation?

I would love to go to Iceland!

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