As one of the nation’s largest suppliers of home healthcare products and services, Apria helps thousands of Americans live healthier and feel better every day. Through our trained professionals and clinicians, Apria offers a wide range of clinical services and equipment. Apria is committed to maintaining close ties with the medical community and strives to be an ongoing source of information for the physician, other healthcare professionals/clinicians, case managers, discharge planners, and office personnel. We are continually striving to be the first choice for all your home healthcare needs.

Improving the Lives of Our Patients

Apria is contracted with most insurance companies and managed care organizations to provide home oxygen services, respiratory medications, sleep therapy, and negative pressure wound therapy. You will find that Apria can serve nearly every patient.


Enforcement of Medicare’s documentation requirements has become more stringent, and it’s affecting healthcare professionals and patients. If a claim is denied, the patient may have to assume financial responsibility. Therefore, Apria is choosing to take a leadership position in the industry to ensure we fully comply with all requirements. We’ve put together resources to help everyone understand the new policies in order to help patients get qualified claims covered by Medicare, rather than denied.


We are committed to maintaining close ties with the medical community and to serving as an ongoing source of information when it comes to Medicare documentation requirements.


As part of this commitment, we’re providing this easy-to-use online resource for physicians and healthcare professionals. Working together, we can help your patients get the equipment and services they need, while ensuring that Medicare guidelines are met.

  • Overview
  • Face-to-face requirements
  • Written order prior to delivery (WOPD) requirements
  • Standard Written Order (SWO) document requirements
  • Importance of submitting a carefully completed order

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  • Home oxygen Medicare requirements
  • Sleep therapy Medicare requirements
  • Negative pressure wound therapy (NPWT) Medicare requirements
  • Nebulizer & inhalation drugs Medicare requirements

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  • Advance Beneficiary Notice (ABN) of Non-coverage
  • National Coverage Determinations (NCDs) and Local Coverage Determinations (LCDs)
  • DME Medicare Administrative Contractors
  • Medicare Screening List
  • Jurisdiction Map

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Medicare Supplier Standards
Please note that this is an abbreviated version of the Supplier Standards every Medicare supplier must meet in order to obtain and retain its billing privileges. These standards, in their entirety, are listed in 42 C.F.R. 424.57(c).

About Apria

Apria offers a comprehensive range of Home Oxygen, Sleep Apnea, Respiratory, Enteral Nutrition and Negative Pressure Wound Therapy services and equipment. Our local branches are part of a national network that includes more than 400 locations across the country. We take our role as the nation’s largest provider of home healthcare services and equipment seriously.
Extensive Payor Network

With the largest network of insurance payors — including Medicare, Commercial and Managed Care expertise — Apria's team will work proactively with your insurance carrier and work on your behalf to get equipment and services covered. 

Full-Service Provider 

Apria is a full-service provider, operating 7 days a week, 365 days per year. Apria’s Care Team members are able to support our patients’ treatment plans and answer any questions whenever our patient's need us.

Patient Satisfaction

Apria's primary mission is to improve the quality of our patients' lives at home, and patient satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do at Apria. The lives of those we serve are directly impacted by the care we provide, and it is our commitment to provide top quality service that exceeds our patients’ expectations.

Nationwide Leadership

Extensive Medicare experience as well as the largest network of payor contracts, helps ensure that Apria is positioned to provide care to more patients than any other healthcare provider. Apria operates a Corporate Compliance Program to ensure that all services and billing are performed according to current laws and regulations.

Apria Healthcare has 25 years of continuous voluntary Joint Commission accreditation. The Joint Commission accreditation program is recognized as a national symbol of quality that reflects a commitment to meeting its specific performance standards.

With more than 1,800 managed care contracts nationwide, should you become Medicare-eligible, or transition from Managed Medicare to traditional fee-for-service Medicare Part B, you may continue to be serviced by Apria without interruption.


Transfer to Apria

Whether you are currently with another service provider or are planning to begin service for the first time, Apria is committed to making the transition as smooth as possible.

Medicare requires suppliers to have specific medical documentation in hand prior to setting up equipment and Apria Healthcare cannot begin your transition without these required documents. If you are transitioning to us from another supplier/provider, your previous supplier/provider may already have these documents. If not, you will need to obtain them from the physician who ordered the equipment for you.

Step 1

Complete the Medical Release Form.

To begin the process of transferring to Apria, simply complete the Medical Release Form, which allows Apria to obtain the required documentation from your physician or previous supplier.

To help expedite your request, you may also opt to contact your physician or previous supplier to obtain the required documents and submit them along with the Medical Release Form.

Required documentation varies by therapy type, but the following items are generally necessary:

  • Prescription
  • Testing (e.g., oxygen testing, sleep study, etc.)
  • Medical records pertaining to the therapy/diagnosis
Step 2

Submit Items to Apria.

Submit the Medical Release Form, along with any available required documentation, to your local Apria branch.

Use our Find a Branch tool to locate your nearest Apria branch and submit your form and documentation using the option that’s most convenient for you.

  • Call the local branch number to obtain the branch’s fax number and fax your form and documentation.
  • Stop into your local branch to drop off your form and documentation.
  • Mail your form and documentation to your local branch.

A local branch representative will contact you shortly after we receive your form and any submitted documentation. We look forward to serving you!

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