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Teammate Spotlight: Meet Gabrielle!

Gabrielle Kolesnikov works in Apria's California Bay Area market as a Customer Relationship Liaison, and she's been here since 2019. Take a moment to see how Gabrielle spends her time here at Apria as well as her time when she's not working!

What made you join Apria and what has driven you to stay?

I had been working in the medical field for a few years prior to coming to Apria and I was feeling extremely burnt out. I came to Apria looking for a change of pace while growing my medical knowledge.

I love how there is always something new to learn and I am able to constantly challenge myself. An added bonus is the relationships I’ve built throughout the community with our providers, patients and most especially, my teammates!

Why are you proud to work at Apria?

I love how Apria focuses on doing things right! The right way may not always be the easiest, but by not cutting corners and taking extra measures it shows that we are putting the patient first and I love that!

What are three things you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy gardening, my favorite thing to do is spend hours in a botanical garden. I am a huge history buff so I watch a lot of documentaries & love going to museums, and I also like to crochet.

What is your favorite television show?

I have two: The Office and Golden Girls.

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