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Sleep Therapy

Apria’s sleep therapy program is designed to provide patients with the convenient options they want and the tools they need to succeed.

Patient Convenience

PAP equipment and mask can be delivered right to the patient’s front door — so there is no need to miss work.

Patients can use the simple and intuitive user guides and videos to set up their device and self-fit their mask — so they can start therapy the very same night.

Technical Support

Patients who would like additional support can call 888-492-7742 and speak with a dedicated Sleep Specialist for help troubleshooting issues, or choose to have an Apria Respiratory Therapist call them back.

Patients who prefer in-person training can make an appointment at their local Apria branch to participate in a training session with an Apria Respiratory Therapist.

Track Your Progress

Patients using either ResMed or Respironics devices can download a smartphone application to track their personal progress and receive helpful coaching tips.

Rest Assured. Apria Cares About Compliance.

Apria’s Respiratory Therapists will intervene when needed to help get patients back on track.

Patients using ResMed devices will have their device usage monitored daily by Apria’s Patient Health Advocate Team.

Nearly 80% of Apria’s sleep patients achieve compliance with therapy within the first 90 days.1 This exceeds industry compliance rates by at least 15 to 20 percentage points.2


  1. Sleep therapy patients using ResMed devices who were monitored by Apria’s Patient Health Advocate Team. Data from June 2017.
  2. Weaver, T., et al. Adherence to Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Implications for Future Interventions, Indian J Med Res. 2010 February; 131: 245–258.


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