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Wound Care Product Portfolio


Apria’s expanded wound care portfolio includes both the Medela and the Avance® full line of negative pressure wound therapy products. Now more then ever, Apria offers more options to meet patient’s individual needs.


Apria and Medela have come together to remove the complexities that can occur in coordinating patient care from hospital to home. Together, Apria and Medela provide healthcare professionals with clinically efficacious products designed to offer the best support possible for wound therapy patients during their transition home.

Together, we can give patients what they truly deserve: Therapy, uninterrupted.

  • Both the Invia® Liberty™ and the Invia® Motion™ devices are designed for hospital and home use.
  • The Invia® NPWT System with FitPad — featuring intelligent pressure control and dynamic exudate removal — provides confidence the prescribed therapy is delivered at the wound site.



The Avance® NPWT System uses Safetac® technology which is clinically proven to cause less pain1 and less skin stripping.2

  • The Avance® Flex is designed for patient flexibility in home care.





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