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Travel Support

Apria’s Great Escapes™ Travel Program:

With our program, you’ll discover that traveling with oxygen, a ventilator, or other medical equipment can be convenient.


By planning and following a few important guidelines, you can travel almost anywhere within the United States.*

Call Apria’s Travel Department at 1.844.235.2738 at least a month before your trip so we can make arrangements to meet your needs.

A current prescription and Certificate of Medical Necessity (CMN) are required for Apria to supply oxygen and prescription drugs. If you are a current Apria customer, we will forward these documents for you to your travel destination. If you are not an Apria customer, your prescriptions must be forwarded to us in advance of your travel to an Apria location.** It is recommended that you keep a copy of your prescription in case of emergency situations. Learn more about the travel program details by clicking the bars below.


* The Great Escapes program is a domestic travel program only and does not include international travel. International travel is the sole financial responsibility of the traveler.

** Apria Healthcare is not required to service non-Apria customers and may decline services to non-Apria customers at the local branch’s discretion.

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