What Is a Diabetes Educator?

A Diabetes Educator is someone who is a certified medical professional (like a Nurse, Pharmacist, or Physician), but one who has gone through additional training to become knowledgeable in regard to the treatment and care specifically of Diabetic patients.

Social Workers and Registered Dietitians are common medical professions to become Certified Diabetes Educators. Diabetes Educators are part of the Apria team.

Expertise in Diabetes

Diabetes Educators differ themselves from other health care professionals by being able to provide more in-depth and specific information about a variety of subject matter related to your Diabetes — because they specialize in Diabetes. To become a Diabetes Educator, a healthcare professional needs to complete an additional 2 years and 1,000 hours of Diabetes training.

After completing the education requirements, the candidate must take an exam that covers topics ranging from Diabetes during pregnancy to proper nutrition. As you can imagine, this means that a Certified Diabetes Educator knows a lot about Diabetes management and care.

Diabetes Educators have the education to assist with the specialized nutritional needs of people with diabetes. They can help write meal plans and make recommendations on proper caloric balance to help mitigate complications.

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