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Our Therapies

Apria Healthcare offers a comprehensive range of equipment and services. Choose a therapy to learn more.

Respiratory Therapies

Non-Invasive Ventilation

Sleep Apnea

Wound Care


Apria Pharmacy Network

Respiratory Therapies

Our COPD Care Program offers you the most at every stage — from complimentary clinically appropriate screenings to first-dose nebulizer kits to one-on-one education from a licensed Respiratory Therapist.

Non-Invasive Ventilation

For patients with chronic respiratory failure secondary to severe neuromuscular, severe restrictive thoracic, and/or severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, Apria Healthcare offers non-invasive ventilation (NIV) therapy.

Sleep Apnea

As a leader in sleep therapy, Apria Healthcare is uniquely positioned to help combat obstructive sleep apnea on a national scale by providing patients with the support and tools they need to get a better night’s sleep.

Wound Care

Apria is a dedicated provider of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) equipment and supplies to facilitate wound care while at home.

Enteral Nutrition Therapy

For patients who cannot eat by mouth or when oral intake is not adequate, tube feeding may be prescribed. For these patients, Apria offers the Enteral Nutrition Therapy Program.

Apria Pharmacy Network

Apria Pharmacy Network (APN) is a homecare pharmacy network specializing in the convenient home delivery of respiratory medications and diabetic testing supplies.

Why Apria?

We’re here to serve your needs! Apria Healthcare is one of the nation’s leading providers of home respiratory services and certain medical equipment, including oxygen therapy, inhalation therapies, sleep apnea treatment, and negative pressure wound therapy. Apria operates more than 290 service locations throughout the United States and serves more than 2 million patients each year.

Comprehensive Services
Reliable Coverage
Quality Homecare
  • People of Apria

    Patients are often anxious, fearful, or skeptical, so it’s important to gain their trust. If I can personally contribute to their peace of mind, they walk away knowing they are dealing with a great company.

    - Patient Services Coordinator
  • People of Apria

    It’s not just about serving people, it’s about being there for people. I want to respect and value the well-being of my patients as if they were my own family.

    - Clinical Service Technician
  • People of Apria

    I don’t think of myself as a ‘do-gooder’, but when I see the faces of people I help, it gives me a sense of purpose that goes beyond the everyday duties of my job. It makes me think, I’m delivering smiles.

    - Patient Services Technician

Home Medical Equipment

Apria Healthcare provides a wide range of home medical equipment to help improve the quality of life for patients with special needs. Apria’s homecare specialists talk to both the patient and the caregiver, evaluate the home environment and provide the appropriate equipment as directed by the doctor’s treatment. Patients and their caregivers receive not only equipment, but caring support from our expert staff.