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Apria's Medicare Reimbursement

As the nation’s largest provider of home healthcare products and services, Apria helps thousands of Americans live healthier and feel better every day. Through our trained professionals and clinicians, Apria offers a wide range of clinical services and equipment.

Apria is contracted with most insurance companies and managed care organization to provide home oxygen services, respiratory medications, sleep therapy and negative pressure wound therapy. You will find that Apria can serve nearly every patient.

Apria is committed to maintaining close ties with the medical community and remains an ongoing source of information for the physician, case manager, discharge planner, clinician, and office personnel. We are continually striving to be the first choice for all your home healthcare needs.

Apria is prepared to serve any Medicare patients who need the services we are contracted for or other homecare services and products that were not subject to the competitive bidding program.

Medicare pays for durable medical and respiratory equipment in different ways, depending on the item or service (service includes service calls for repair and routine maintenance) and whether you buy or rent the equipment.