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Apria is one of the nation’s leading DME providers of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) for Medicare.

Apria’s clinical and service advantages:

  • In-person patient set-up — delivered right to the patient’s hospital bed or home
  • Rapid order processing focused on same day discharge
  • A 24/7 clinical hotline and dedicated local clinical resources
  • Breakthrough technology: Avance® NPWT film with Safetac® technology is clinically proven to cause less pain1 and less skin stripping2
  • Extensive experience servicing Medicare beneficiaries
  • Largest network of managed care contracts in homecare — to handle all your NPWT referrals

Don’t wait — book your in-service with Apria today.

Phone 800.780.1228

Fax 800.323.1882

1. Dykes, P.J. et al. Effects of adhesive dressings on the stratum corneum of skin. Journal of Wound Care, 2001.
2. Waring, M. et al. An evaluation of the skin stripping of wound dressing adhesives. Journal of Wound Care, 2011.
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