800-780-1508 Mon-Sat, 7am - 4pm CT
800-780-1508 Mon-Sat, 7am - 4pm CT


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*Excludes Resmed and Respironics products.

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Contact for ApriaDirect order help only, for all other requests please click here.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at ApriaDirect about an order you placed on our website, if you have questions about specific orders, products or would like to contact us for any reason related to ApriaDirect please fill out the form below.

ApriaDirect is a “credit card only” store and does not process insurance claims and because of this carries a limited amount and type products. If you are looking for a product that you can’t find on our website or believe your insurance will cover some or all of a product you will need to contact your local Apria branch, you can use our branch locator to find a nearby Apria Healthcare branch that will probably be able to help you.

Please fax your prescription to 949 639 6912 or email your prescription here.


Common Questions
1.  Will my insurance cover the purchase of a Soclean Machine or Travel CPAP machine or other items on ApriaDirect?
ApriaDirect is a "credit card only" store and does not process insurance claims.  Items like the SoClean Machine, the AirMini or the Z1 is a retail item and is generally not paid for by insurance companies.  It is possible you can apply for reimbursement through your Flexible Spending account, but we strongly recommend you check with your insurance provider.

2.  How can I link my ApriaDirect account to my Apria Healtcare account ?
ApriaDirect is a retail "cash and carry" website and cannot link to your insurance, medical or billing accounts

3.  Can ApriaDirect provide me with reimbursement forms for my insurance provider.

ApriaDirect is a "credit card only" store and does not process insurance claims. 

* If you have questions or issues about your Apria account or any other Apria Healthcare services that are not directly related to ApriaDirect, please click here for Apria Healthcare contact information and do not use the form below.

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