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Where can I find product manuals?
How do I re-order my CPAP supplies?
Can I pay my bill online?
What is Apria's Payment Policy?

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Transfer to Apria

We appreciate your interest in transferring to Apria.

Whether you are currently with another service provider or are planning to begin service for the first time, Apria is committed to making the transition as smooth as possible.

Medicare requires suppliers to have specific medical documentation in hand prior to setting up equipment and Apria Healthcare cannot begin your transition without these required documents. If you are transitioning to us from another provider, your previous provider may already have these documents. If not, you will need to obtain them from the physician who ordered the equipment for you.

To help expedite your request, we have provided forms listing the required documents you need for each type of product you’d like to transition to us. You can download and print them. Find them below.

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