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Our Sleep Apnea Services

Apria’s services can help you or the one you care for get treatment for sleep apnea. We are determined to exceed the expectations of those we serve, and demonstrate our high clinical standards and compassion in care. Apria is committed to focusing on the outcomes of people who receive our services. We offer comprehensive patient education, clinical assessments, and ongoing monitoring to identify additional needs.

Superior Service

  • On-call service, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • Over 950 licensed clinicians to meet your needs

Sleep Therapy Experts

  • Medicare and most managed care accepted
  • Follow-up provided by expert clinicians
  • Wide selection of devices and masks from virtually all sleep manufacturers
    Apria is the largest provider of Positive Airway Pressure equipment in the United States
  • Long-term therapy management program

Our Promise

Apria is dedicated to ensuring that your CPAP equipment is operating properly. Our standard follow-up program begins after your first night using the CPAP. Since your first month using CPAP is the most crucial, Apria provides scheduled follow-ups during this time. And we will continue to provide support at varying intervals for as long as you require a CPAP machine.

You may also call upon Apria’s consultation services, provided by Respiratory Therapists, to assist you as you adjust to your new CPAP unit. We understand that the initiation of CPAP therapy often involves a large change not only for you, but also for your family.

Click here for a list of sleep equipment available from Apria.

Sleep Supply Management

Masks used with CPAP therapy generally tend to last 3 to 6 months. Some of the factors that may impact how long the product can provide effective therapy include:

  • Cushion seal deterioration
  • Proper fitting and sizing at initial mask set-up
  • Frequency and method of mask cleaning

The Sleep Management Center at Apria Healthcare is responsible for contacting patients about their resupply needs and can:

  • Answer questions about CPAP/Bi-level therapy
  • Offer solutions for concerns about equipment
  • Troubleshoot problems
  • Provide recommendations about caring for supplies

As a national leader in CPAP therapy, Apria is committed to supplying our patients with CPAP supplies for patient health and compliance.

Click here to see a Medicare sleep supply replacement schedule.

Ordering Sleep Supplies

Sleep Supply Center:  1(877) 265-2426 

Click below if you are looking for the manufacturer manual to any Apria-supplied devices:

Accredited by The Joint Commission

Apria Healthcare was the first home respiratory provider to become accredited by The Joint Commission.

The Joint Commission accreditation program is recognized as a symbol of quality that reflects a commitment to meeting its specific performance standards. Apria Healthcare is recognized as an accredited Home Healthcare system, and holds full accreditation for all of our patient care branch locations.

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