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Corporate Compliance Program

Corporate Compliance

Apria Healthcare is committed to complying with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations and has voluntarily implemented a comprehensive Corporate Compliance Program for many years. Our program incorporates formal guidelines for healthcare organizations that have been issued by the federal Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General and other industry "best practices.” With full backing from our Board of Directors, Apria has adopted a written Code of Ethical Business Conduct that outlines our compliance policies and guidelines, to which all of our employees must adhere.

In addition, all new hires at Apria undergo pre-employment criminal background checks and drug screening tests. Those employees who are responsible for visiting patients’ homes or driving vehicles also undergo randomized drug testing during their Apria career. We also conduct regular compliance training and administer excluded parties checks to make sure our employees, contractors, and vendors are allowed to serve Medicare and Medicaid patients. These efforts help to ensure that we are providing safe, quality care to our patients in their homes.

The downloadable Code below addresses a range of issues, from general corporate obligations (such as confidentiality and personnel issues) to healthcare industry-specific obligations (such as the Anti-Kickback Statute).

Click below to download Apria's Code of Ethical Business Conduct:
Code of Ethical Business Conduct


False Claims Policies

The purpose of the False Claims policies is to set forth Apria Healthcare’s commitment to:

  • Accurate coding and billing practices
  • Compliance with the federal civil False Claims Act and any similar state or federal civil or criminal law that prohibits the submission of a false claim, and
  • Compliance with state Medicaid plan amendments promulgated to comply with the Deficit Reduction Act of 2005.

False Claims Under Federal and State Laws

State False Claims Acts or Similar Laws

State-Specific Laws:

New York Laws: False Claims and Statements

Ohio Laws: False Claims and Statements


For more information about Apria Healthcare’s Corporate Compliance Program, please contact us.

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